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I'm trying to detect collision between the characterController and a platform (a rigidBody + boxCollider) in an Unity project.

I know that I can use this function at the characterController object:

void OnControllerColliderHit(ControllerColliderHit hit) {
    // [...];

But I would strongly rather to detect it in the platform object, in order to try to maintain the code clearer. Something like this:

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision c) {

But it is not working! I searched in Unity forums and apparently the only way to detect a collision is to set the boxCollider's property isTrigger as True and using .OnTriggerEnter(Collider c) method instead. However, doing it will cause the player to fall through the platform, which obviously can't happen.

Alright, so my question is: is there another way to do it - whithout setting isTrigger as True - and detecting the collision in the platform object?

Thank you!

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The way I handled a similar problem with a platform and a character controller, is by adding a child object to the platform with a trigger collider set to a larger size than the platform itself (think of it like an invisible box surrounding your platform). What this does is allow you to know if your player is going to hit the platform, the direction he's coming from etc. Then it's a simple matter of sending a message to the platform, with an necessary information parentPlatformObject.SendMessage(params)

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Yeah, it worked! Looks a little ugly, but it will do. Thank you. – lucasdavid Dec 10 '13 at 22:55

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