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What does coroutine.yield(-1) mean? I don't understand -1 here.

code piece and out put is:

> function odd(x)
>>   print('A: odd', x)
>>   coroutine.yield(x)
>>   print('B: odd', x)
>> end
> function even(x)
>>   print('C: even', x)
>>   if x==2 then return x end
>>   print('D: even ', x)
>> end
> co = coroutine.create(
>>   function (x)
>>     for i=1,x do
>>       if i==3 then coroutine.yield(-1) end
>>       if i % 2 == 0 then even(i) else odd(i) end
>>     end
>>   end)
> count = 1
> while coroutine.status(co) ~= 'dead' do
>>   print('----', count) ; count = count+1
>>   errorfree, value = coroutine.resume(co, 5)
>>   print('E: errorfree, value, status', errorfree, value, coroutine.status(co))
>> end
----    1
A: odd  1
E: errorfree, value, status     true    1       suspended
----    2
B: odd  1
C: even 2
E: errorfree, value, status     true    -1      suspended
----    3
A: odd  3
E: errorfree, value, status     true    3       suspended
----    4
B: odd  3
C: even 4
D: even         4
A: odd  5
E: errorfree, value, status     true    5       suspended
----    5
B: odd  5
E: errorfree, value, status     true    nil     dead
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Any arguments passed to the corresponding coroutine.yield are returned by coroutine.resume. So -1 in coroutine.yield(-1) here is nothing special, it's similar to coroutine.yield(x) in the function odd(x).

It is executed when counter is 2 and i is 3. The corresponding output is:

----    2
B: odd  1
C: even 2
E: errorfree, value, status     true    -1      suspended

After ture which indicates no error, see the -1 here? That's the value from the call to coroutine.yield(-1), it ended up as a return value of coroutine.resume.

For the similar reason, the other return values of coroutine.resume are 1, 3 and 5, all coming from coroutine.yield(x) in the function odd(x).

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coroutine.yield (···)

Suspends the execution of the calling coroutine. The coroutine cannot be running a C function, a metamethod, or an iterator. Any arguments to yield are passed as extra results to resume.

So in other words the -1 could have been anything or even multiple values and how those values are used is up to the programmer.

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