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I have a site, with infinite pages, and dynamically loaded content. Currently I am using jquery tipsy plugin, and need to call it in any function that dynamically adds content to the site (to get tooltips to this new content). I am currently in the process of changing my binds to ons, which will help achieve this where click and other events are concerned.

My current code, that is repeated a lot is:

   $("[data-tooltip]").tipsy({settings here});

Is it possible to use the jqeury ON, and bind this to the body, and if content is added to the body the content (if it has [data-tooltip] attribute) will automatically execute the tipsy function on? eg:

 $("body").on("something","[data-tooltip]", function (e) { 
         $("[data-tooltip]").tipsy({settings here}); 


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You'd be much better off to actually just apply tipsy after each new content load, as you might know:

   success: function( newHtml ) {
       $('#container').append( newHtml );
       $('#container .tipsy').tipsy({
           /** Your settings **/

To achieve what you're asking for; you'd have to apply some kind of 'Listener'. To await for any new DOM Elements that are inserted, In it's raw basic form:

function listenForNewToolTips() {
           /** Apply data-hastipsy='true' **/ 
    //Look again in 1000 milliseconds.
    setTimeout( listenForNewToolTips, 1000 );

Which the above, is pretty insufficient as it would be a constant loop. on listens to many events, although surprisingly there isn't many events that listen to every DOM element change:

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