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Is it possible to have one application simultaneously write to multiple syslog facilities?

I have an application, written in C/C++, that I would like to write some messages to local0 and other messages to local1. I do not want the messages for local0 to appear in local1 or vice versa.

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Looking at the man page for syslog, I see the example:

syslog(LOG_INFO|LOG_LOCAL2, "foobar error: %m");


syslog(LOG_INFO|LOG_LOCAL0, "message for local0");
syslog(LOG_INFO|LOG_LOCAL1, "message for local1");


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I can't believe I didn't check the man pages before posting my question (palm meets forhead). After reviewing the man pages myself, I do believe that this will work for what I need to accomplish since the priority argument is formed by ORing the facility and the level values. Thanks. –  jschmier Jan 9 '10 at 18:42

You can't do it in a single call. You'll have to make a call for each facility.

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