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I was wondering how easy it is to render path elements extracted from fonts in SVG.

I am aware that .ttf files do not have enough information in them for them to be rendered as path elements in SVG, save only the way to convert them to an image and re-vectorize them using a script, which is...bad and inneficient.

I was informed by a colleague that SVG fonts can be easily converted to SVG paths if one wishes too. That colleague will help with the implementation but i thought i should educate myself before we start.

So what would be an ideal way to extract path data from SVG fonts?

Is there a way to have a textbox where i type down words using svg fonts and get back the fonts using paths?

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duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/7742148/… –  Patrick Dec 3 '13 at 8:03
@Patrick this is javascript tagged, not php as the question you linked but thanks. –  Nicholas Kyriakides Feb 5 at 19:18
sorry, missed the tag. nothing in the question listed javascript/node –  Patrick Feb 5 at 20:21

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