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I have data that I fit a curve to but which I want to also draw the points, the polynomial through the points; but also a "region of uncertainty" around the fitted line - if it were a 0 degree polynomial it would best be a ~/- standard deviation area coloured around the mean line.

I can do the polyfit and basic graph. Any help with the area calculation and plotting would be appreciated.

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I calculated the standard deviation using

sdev = sqrt(sum((y - np.polyval(fit, x))**2)/(len(y) - 1))

Then: def curve(x): return np.polyval(fit, x)

def sdev_area_mn(x):
    return np.polyval(fit, x) - sdev
def sdev_area_mx(x):
    return np.polyval(fit, x) + sdev

followed by: fill_between(xfit, sdev_area_mn(xfit), sdev_area_mx(xfit), alpha=0.25, color='r')

And used it for degree 0 and 1 polynomials.

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