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I want to call two functions on same event 1 is client side and other 1 is server side. How can i do that

 <input type="text" ID="txtUserName" runat="server" maxlength="50"
                            class="DefaultTextbox" style="width:180px;" value="" 
                            onfocus="ControlOnFocus('', this, spanUserName);"
                            onblur="ControlOnBlur('',this, spanUserName); "

onblur="ControlOnBlur(); function2();

Is it correct ?

onblur="ControlOnBlur(); function2();
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i think this might help you ,[stackoverflow.com/questions/4524877/… –  Emmanuel Angelo.R Feb 5 at 10:22

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Thats correct. Actually it's not very good practice to define events inlined in HTML but it works. Everyhing between " and " in onblur="" is treated as one long JavaScript code block so you could write anything in it, even your whole program if you would like.

onblur="sentence1; sentence2; sentence3;"
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If using web forms, you want to post back to the server to process a server-side event, you can use __doPostBack(this.name, '') to post back to the server (it was mentioned alternatively that you can use a server side event to output (GetClientResourceUrl I believe or named similarly) this, but I like to use the __doPostBack method to perform the postback.

If using MVC, you can invoke an action method using $.get or $.post as in $.get("/Controller/Action", function(result) { }). For web forms, you can't invoke a method directly. You can invoke a web service or page method.


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The closest you can get is calling a local function (javascript), and then firing off a request to the server via an asynchrounous call (Ajax). You cannot directly call a method on the server from the client though.

Using jQuery, it would look like this:

  ControlOnBlur(); // call first function
  $.post("/methods", {methodName:"refreshData", function(results){
    /* results represents that which was returned from the server */
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