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In my App it is possible to tap an button and then in the Google maps app it shows the route from your current location to the destination. It was working till some internal data structures changed and now it is not ;)

The error I get is:

Error Domain=kCLErrorDomain Code=8 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCLErrorDomain error 8.)"

Which I looked up in the documentation means (I think):

The geocode request yielded no result.
Available in iOS 5.0 and later.
Declared in CLError.h.

Currently this is my code: (I'm using hardcoded location for testing right now):

+ (void) showRouteInMapsFromCurrentToLocation:(NSString *) location{
    Class mapItemClass = [MKMapItem class];
    if (mapItemClass && [mapItemClass   respondsToSelector:@selector(openMapsWithItems:launchOptions:)]){
    CLGeocoder *geocoder = [[CLGeocoder alloc] init];
    [geocoder geocodeAddressString:@"Kardingerweg 48, Groningen"
                 completionHandler:^(NSArray *placemarks, NSError *error) {
                                                 CLPlacemark *geocodedPlacemark = [placemarks objectAtIndex:0];
                        MKPlacemark *placemark = [[MKPlacemark alloc]

                        if(placemark && geocodedPlacemark){
                            MKMapItem *mapItem = [[MKMapItem alloc] initWithPlacemark:placemark];
                            [mapItem setName:geocodedPlacemark.name];
                            NSDictionary *launchOptions = @{MKLaunchOptionsDirectionsModeKey : MKLaunchOptionsDirectionsModeDriving};
                            MKMapItem *currentLocationMapItem = [MKMapItem mapItemForCurrentLocation];
                            [MKMapItem openMapsWithItems:@[currentLocationMapItem, mapItem] launchOptions:launchOptions];
                         NSLog(@"%@", [error description]);
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Error Code 8 is "kCLErrorGeocodeFoundNoResult", so I suspect you're searching for something with no results,

You are searching for 'Kardingerweg 48, Groningen' it is also not searching in apple map, try with different location.'Kardingerweg,Groningen'.

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Your right, but how do I direct to street number 48 then? –  ScareCrow Dec 3 '13 at 9:12
This is limitation of it. –  Viruss mca Dec 3 '13 at 9:20
Not true I found it ;) : Kardingerweg 48, NL-2165 VS Groningen is a correct form –  ScareCrow Dec 3 '13 at 9:35
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Thanks to the answer of Viruss mca, I now have the correct form which is:

Kardingerweg 48, NL-2165 VS Groningen
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