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Recently i've purchased micromax a111 android device. I am android developer. So tried this device for debugging option. But the adb is not able to detect the device. I have change the settings also, but not working out. If any one have the solution please help me regarding this.

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Have you enable the usb dubugging in settings-developers options ?? – Shashank Agarwal Dec 3 '13 at 9:07
change usb mode to media storage, enable unknown resources, enable usb debugging. – Tamilselvan Kalimuthu Dec 3 '13 at 9:15
see I have faced this… just re install your driver – Bhavin Chauhan Dec 3 '13 at 9:51
yes i have enable the debugging option and unknown resource also. But still the Adb not able to detect this device. – Biplab De Dec 4 '13 at 4:43
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micormax dont have official PC-Suite, so u need to download third party PC-Suite like Moborobo or Mobogenie, after installaion u can restart the system, now your mobile will be detect.

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Thank you Mohan. The Mobogenie pc suite is working fine. Thank for you help. – Biplab De Dec 4 '13 at 5:07

Add the vendor id to adb_usb.ini

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Find the device vendor id, it would be like 0x1A9A. Add that vendor id to located at C:\Users[Login-User].android\

the .android folder might not be visible as it is an hidden folder.

Restart the adb by following command adb kill-server adb devices

and you will be able to see your device.

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Start USB debugging(in settings>applications>developer options) on device first.

And still there is problem, try following link.

It helped me to detect my Micromax Canvas Hd.

I tied Motorola's "22b8" value and it worked for Micromax. Also on friends PC the idea worked. We done it for Ubuntu 32 and 64 bi

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Replace the file under ~/.android/adb_usb.ini with the following contents:

0x18d1 0x0bb4 0x04e8 0x22b8 0x1004 0x12D1 0x0502 0x0FCE 0x0489 0x413c 0x0955 0x091E 0x04dd 0x19D2 0x0482 0x10A9 0x05c6 0x2257 0x0409 0x04DA 0x0930 0x1F53 0x2116 0x0b05 0x0471 0x0451 0x0408 0x1d91 0x040a 0x143c 0x1ebf 0x23e6 0x1e0e 0x0525 0x1219 0x17EF 0x2006 0x22d9 0x1C9E 0x0B57 0x24e3 0x1bbb 0x0F1C 0x0414 0x2420 0xE040 0x1D4D 0x0E79 0x1662 0x05C6 0x19D2 0x9015 0x0489 0x04CC 0x0000 0x19d2 0x12d1 0x04cc 0x17ef 0x0fce 0x2207 0x2717

For detailed solution Link to the blog :

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