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I'm developping an application written in Django and I have some problems to do a correct request using select_related and prefetch_related

I have three models :

class Intervention(BaseModel):
    date = DateField()
    housing = ForeignKey('contract.Housing', related_name='interventions')

class Housing(BaseModel):
    address = CharField(max_length=CHAR_FIELD_LENGTH) 

class Tenant(BaseModel):
    name = CharField(max_length=CHAR_FIELD_LENGTH)
    phone = CharField(max_length=CHAR_FIELD_LENGTH, blank=True, null=True)
    housing = ForeignKey(Housing, related_name='tenants')

I am requesting on the model Interventions, if I want to have access to the housing informations, I just have to use select_related :


But I don't know how to access to the tenants using prefetch_related :


doesn't seems to work, because it makes a query everytime I try to access to the tenants list. Is there a way to access to the tenant list, and best, to do a filter on I (like first Tenant found which has no name).

Thanks for you answers.


*Edit : Here is some code : *

I'm requesting like I said :

interventionPreventivesVisits = InterventionPreventiveVisit.objects.select_related("housing").prefetch_related("housing__tenants").filter(date__range=(self.weekDays[0], self.weekDays[len(self.weekDays)-1]))

self.weekDays is a table of days, to display the interventions in a calendar.

And then, I want to display the tenant which has no name :

In my template, I loop through the interventions :

{%for inter in interventions %}
    {%if day == inter.date %}
        {{ inter | get_schedule_html_formated | safe}}
{% endfor %}

And I have a templateTag to display the HTML :

def get_schedule_html_formated(intervention):
    housingTenant = None
    for tenant in intervention.housing.tenants.all(): # Here it does a query
        if tenant.name is not None:
            housingTenant = tenant

and then I write and return my html

I'm searching a way to set housingTenant without doing a new query.

Is that better :) ?

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From here https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/models/querysets/#prefetch-related

select_related works by creating an SQL join and including the fields of the related object in the SELECT statement. For this reason, select_related gets the related objects in the same database query. However, to avoid the much larger result set that would result from joining across a ‘many’ relationship, select_related is limited to single-valued relationships - foreign key and one-to-one.

prefetch_related, on the other hand, does a separate lookup for each relationship, and does the ‘joining’ in Python.

update for comment:

it is better to place filter first here (order in django can affect on results):

interventionPreventivesVisits = InterventionPreventiveVisit.objects.filter(
    date__range=(self.weekDays[0], self.weekDays[len(self.weekDays)-1])
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Hi, I tried without the 's' on tenant but it causes an error : 'housing__tenant' is an invalid parameter to prefetch_related(), which seems logic because my related name is tenants. About PREfetch, it's just a mistake while writing my question, I will edit that :). And so, with you final quote in bold, you're saying that I can't access to my tenants without doing one more request. Is my interpretation correct ? – algelos Dec 3 '13 at 10:10
@alglos you right about tenants, but now it should work.. Correct i think, one extra query for prefetch and you can acces to tenants without additional queries – ndpu Dec 3 '13 at 10:18
@npdu, Ok, thanks for you answer. So my query will automatically be dependant on my number of interventions if I loop on my interventions to get the tenant :/ Do I have any way to avoid that ? (like I said, I only want the first tenant found which has no name, so maybe with custom_values, or something ? I'm really newbie for this kind of requests ^^) – algelos Dec 3 '13 at 10:28
@algelos can you post some code? – ndpu Dec 3 '13 at 10:34
I add it under my Edit – algelos Dec 3 '13 at 10:50

Try using this:

interventionPreventivesVisits = InterventionPreventiveVisit.objects.prefetct_related("housing__tenants").filter(date__range=(self.weekDays[0], self.weekDays[len(self.weekDays)-1]))
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