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So, I am working on a fork of android - it is a somewhat customized version of android.

What I want to do is - make the development of my app simpler on this forked android. I tried running my app in eclipse, by replacing android.jar with individual framework libraries - framework.jar, common.jar, core.jar. Unfortunately, the code compiles in eclipse, but I am not able to launch on emulator. After much discussion here, I found that this is not the correct way to get my app running on google emulator.

This is what I found, I need to do. I need to build an AVD with a "custom ROM" like this - Run a Custom ROM on an AVD

Now, what I want to know is, is this the correct approach I am taking. To test my app, I would have to launch it on this custom AVD, apart from, making changes in my app's code, and compiling and building the apk using eclipse. Is all this even possible, using eclipse, while I am using a custom AVD ?

Can anyone throw some light on working with custom ROM AVD.

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@Yury It seems from your answer on this post - [stackoverflow.com/questions/8744342/run-a-custom-rom-on-an-avd ], that you have experience working with custom ROM. Could you share, if it is even possible launching apps, specifically made for that custom ROM (custom framework code), on custom emulator and working with eclipse for development of such apps, compiling apk's, etc. ? –  girlDevelopIt Dec 3 '13 at 9:49
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