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I'm trying to get the names and the url link to multiple Facebook ID's profiles whom I'm a friend of.

When trying to get one ID's info it's easy: $response = $facebook->api("/123456789");

I'd like to get the names from multiple IDs in the same request. Is this possible with FQL, and if so, how?

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You can also query the API with ?ids=id1,id2,id3,… –  CBroe Dec 3 '13 at 11:05

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You don't have to use FQL. You can easily query the Graph API with multiple ID separated by comma.

So it will look something like this in php:

$url = 'https://graph.facebook.com/?ids=' . implode(',', $ids);
$result = file_get_contents($url);

Or if you are using the php-sdk like this:

$result = $facebook->api('/', 'get', array('ids' => $ids));

Where $ids is an array with the IDs of the profiles or pages.

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yes this is possible. the facebook sdk accepts a batch parameter with all requests in json format. for detail information u may look here


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