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I have an Website. the project' content is in a folder called MyWebSite. When I run my application from Visual Web developer 2008, the browser displays the following address in the address bar: http: // localhost/ MyWebSite /Default.aspx I want to be able to run my Website from the following address: http://localhost/

Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance.

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can't you install it on IIS? – Rubens Farias Jan 9 '10 at 20:37
It sounds like it is running on IIS (there's no port number specified), from from a subfolder. – Eilon Jan 9 '10 at 20:45
It's running it as a Virtual Directory – Jason Too Cool Webs Jan 9 '10 at 21:13

Since it is already running on IIS, I would just change the Physical Path of the Default Website. The original value for this field is something like below in IIS7.


If you change this field to the path of your MyWebSite folder than you will be able to access the web site from just http://localhost.

I have seen it recommended to change this value from its default as a means of better security. However, I am trying to think of any drawbacks to doing this and the only one I can think of is that hard coding the path might cause some of your other development relative paths to be confusing.

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Thanks for the reply, I applied this solution but when it parse my DefaulPage it displays an Error Message saying that myMasterPage.Master is not found. myMasterPage.Master is a master page that I am using in my web site. Any further suggestion? Thanks – Moh Jan 10 '10 at 17:09

You can go in and change the bindings settings in IIS but I advise against this. If you deploy your site as is, it should resolve correctly on a hosted server (the way you want it). Try this first and see :-)

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Create a new website on IIS named MyWebSite, then in Visual Studio do a File->Open->Website. Choose Local IIS and select your website.

Then it will just run it under what ever name you gave the website. In this case you could make it http://MyWebSite/

Note: running Vista and Windows 7 will need elevated privileges.

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