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I am very new to emberjs. I am overwhelms by all complex concepts like routers, controllers, etc. and so I am repeatedly asking noob questions on SO.

Problem: I want to show edit template as outlet in users template....without using user template

Method 1

This is my 'users' template. The data is showing correctly. When I select the 'Edit' link the profile of the selected user is shown below the table.


This is my routes file


However, since I am showing the all the users' info in the table, I do not want to show the user profile below the table. I directly want to show the user/edit template there.

But in my 'users' template, when I change

<td>{{#linkTo 'user' this}}Edit{{/linkTo}}</td>


<td>{{#linkTo 'user/edit' this}}Edit{{/linkTo}}</td>

Then even /#/users fails to render. I get the error: Assertion failed: The attempt to link-to route 'user/edit.index' failed.

Method 2

I followed the code given in the question part of this post edit template not displaying on edit route

I copy / pasted the code from the question part....so I am not repeating it here. The difference with that post and my code is that I have put the code for the button in my 'users' template, whereas the other poster has put it in the 'user' template.

But when I click the Edit button I get the error that 'edit' action was not handled.

As far as I know, the users/edit route is nested inside the users/:user_id route, therefore I am unable to access it directly. However, I want to display the edit template directly. Is it possible?

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Can you put your code in that jsbin emberjs.jsbin.com. It already have all dependencies. After some edition in the jsbin is generated a url, so you can share that code in a runnable environment with us. –  Marcio Junior Dec 3 '13 at 11:12
The code uses a CodeIgniter web service....so it would not run in jsbin –  Shuaib Dec 3 '13 at 11:44

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