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I have a php.ini file in the root folder with the following:

php.ini file:

session.gc_maxlifetime = 86400
session.save_path = "/home/user/public_html/_tmp"

I have a header file which checks the count of a particular session variable as below:

header.php file:

if (count($_SESSION['b']) == 0) {
    $item_count = 0;
else {
    foreach ($_SESSION['b'] as $unique => $item) {
        $item_count += $item['qty'];

homepage php file:

include 'structure/header.php';
echo $item_count;

The count always shows as 0 on the homepage but any of my other pages that are not placed in the public_html folder (i.s show correct and if i move the homepage.php file into a folder it works fine too. So when the session count should be say 2 i get: = 0 = INCORRECT = 2 = CORRECT = 2 = CORRECT

Can anyone help??

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1 Answer 1

In your php pages

put ob_start(); at the begining of all pages that is before session_start() line

and try again

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Just tried this and still not working i'm afraid... – odd_duck Dec 3 '13 at 11:40

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