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I've got /usr/local/lib/php/Smarty/Smarty.class.php and I've put my Smarty templates, cache and other directories in /home/groucho/Code/PHP/smarty/.

This is my index.php file in /var/www/sapienter (which is my app folder):

// put full path to Smarty.class.php
$smarty = new Smarty();



$smarty->assign('name', 'Ned');


But this doesn't work, since it gives me this output:

Smarty Installation test...
Testing template directory...
FAILED: /home/groucho/Code/PHP/smarty/templates/ does not exist.
Testing compile directory...
FAILED: /home/groucho/Code/PHP/smarty/templates_c/ does not exist.
Testing plugins directory...
/usr/local/lib/php/Smarty/plugins is OK.
Testing cache directory...
FAILED: /home/groucho/Code/PHP/smarty/cache/ does not exist.
Testing configs directory...
FAILED: /home/groucho/Code/PHP/smarty/configs/ does not exist.
Testing sysplugin files...
... OK
Testing plugin files...
... OK
Tests complete.

Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: Unable to load template file 'index.tpl' <-- thrown in /usr/local/lib/php/Smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php on line 127

/home/groucho/Code/PHP/smarty folder permissions are set by chmod -R 775, and I'm the owner.

If I put the templates folder and the other ones directly in /var/www/sapienter and I write


it works.

Why is that? Why does /var path works and /home doesn't?

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add phpinfo() to your script and check if the open_basedir directive is set. Another option would be restrictive permissions in the directory path (it's not enough to set chmod for the smarty folder, if for example /home/groucho is too restricitve the webserver will not be able to reach directories further down) –  Gerald Schneider Dec 3 '13 at 11:31
@GeraldSchneider :open_basedir has "no value". Should I set it? EDIT: Ok I don't think I have to change it. My /home folder permissions are set on drwxr-xr-x root root. Should I change them? –  Kurt Bourbaki Dec 3 '13 at 11:34
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