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Actually I need to download the XLS file from Test Resource using Resource ID in java

Can any one help me out Please

I tried with below pece of code but m missing something on it

    IQCResourceFolderFactory rft = tdc.queryInterface(IQCResourceFolderFactory.class)​;
    Com4jObject dfe = rft.item(3252);
    IQCResourceFactory fds = dfe.queryInterface(IQCResourceFactory.class);
    IList C = fds.newList("");

above code throw me "Null pointer exception in Com4jObject dfe = rft.item(3252);

Please Help

Thanks in advance

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Successfully downloaded the desired files from Test Resources by providing Resource Folder ID

Here is the working source code :

ITDConnection6 QCConnection = ClassFactory.createTDConnection();

QCConnection object should be declared with ITDConnection6 to access all QC attributes

IQCResourceFolderFactory resourceFolderFactory = QCConnection.qcResourceFolderFactory().queryInterface(IQCResourceFolderFactory.class);
IList folders = resourceFolderFactory.newList("");
for(Com4jObject rec : folders)
    IQCResourceFolder resourceFolder = rec.queryInterface(IQCResourceFolder.class);
        Com4jObject objResourceFactory = resourceFolder.qcResourceFactory();
        IQCResourceFactory resourceFactory = objResourceFactory.queryInterface(IQCResourceFactory.class);
        IList resources = resourceFactory.newList("");
         for(Com4jObject objResource : resources)
                IQCResource resource  = objResource.queryInterface(IQCResource.class);  ;
                IResourceStorage resourceStorage = resource.queryInterface(IResourceStorage.class);                     
                resourceStorage.downloadResource("D:\\", true);
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