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hi i have a problem with a magento onepage checkout plugin its making the blocks split and its not giving a nice clean look . there are 3 blocks that need to be next to each other can some one help me find the error. i tryed using firbug but i cannot seem to get it right.

the page that needs to be fixed :

please notice that u need to make a account to see the checkout page .

thanks for your help.

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Look for this in skin/frontend/base/default/css/onepagecheckout.css #onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-2, #onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-1 and add float:left to it.

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#onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-1{width:27%;margin:0;} #onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-2{width:33%;margin-left:4%;margin-right:0;} #onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-3{float:right;} #onepagecheckout_orderform #register-customer-password{margin-bottom:5px;} #onepagecheckout_orderform #ship_address_block{margin-top:35px;} where should i add it ? – josmiths Dec 3 '13 at 13:28
oke i got it ! thanks for your help Marius you the best ! – josmiths Dec 3 '13 at 13:33

add float:left to this class

#onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-2, #onepagecheckout_orderform .col3-set .col-1

also remove width:auto from this element

<div class="grid_12 col-main" style="/* width: auto; */">

This will ensure you use full width of the page.

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i had the same problem here but after talking with IWD support it was just necessary to edit the onepagecheckout.css and add to the end this

.grid12-12, .grid-full {
width: 100% !important;

hope this work for you


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