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I am trying to create reservation using a MBO. When I previous MBO, i can add multiple items in it and and able to create a successful reservation. Then I generated the code for iOS.

On iOS, I am able to create a reservation with a single item. But I want to create a reservation with multiple items in it.

I am not able to find any such code of line(adding item list in subscription) in generated code, which I could use for this purpose.

Following is the code where I am able to add a successful reservation against a single reservation.

SUPObjectList* list = [ARGAS_SMPReturnReservationCreate findAll];  
            SUPObjectList* listReservation = [ARGAS_SMPReservationCreate findAll]  
ARGAS_SMPReservationCreateSubscription* sub = [ARGAS_SMPReservationCreateSubscription getInstance];  
[sub setPlant:self.txtMyPlant.text];  
                [sub setReservationDate:self.dateReservation];  
                [sub setCreatedBy:self.txtCreatedBy.text];  
                [sub setCostCenter:self.txtCostCenter.text];  
                [sub setMovementType:self.txtMovementType.text];  
                [sub setMaterial:materialDetails[0]];           // Material Codes  
                [sub setStorageLocation:materialDetails[6]];  
                [sub setBatch:materialDetails[1]];  
                [sub setQuantity:materialDetails[3]];  
                [sub setRequiredDate:materialDetails[2]];  
                [sub setUnitType:materialDetails[4]];  
                [sub setMaterialPlant:materialDetails[5]];  

                [ARGAS_SMPReservationCreate addSubscription:sub];  
              [ARGAS_SMPARGAS_SMPDB synchronize:@"reservation"];  

                [ARGAS_SMPReservationCreate removeSubscription:sub]; 

Now please guide me how can I implement it for creating a single reservation but against multiple materials.

looking forward to hear from you soon,

Thanks in advance.

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