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I have Yii based web application and I'm displaying articles information in CGridView. One of CGridView column displays overall rating for each article as 5 stars.(Each article is rated by users)

Issue is that after displaying 5 stars rating for the article YII's built in sorting and filtering is removed. Requirement is to sort based on rating. I have searched but unable to figure out how to do fix it. Any help or guidance appreciated. I call a function to calculate rating in CGridView.

Following is the CGridView code.

    $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
    array('name'=>'author_id',  'value'=>'$data->author->name'),  
            "header" => "Rating",
            "type" => "raw",
            return '<div class="star-rating"    
         style="background-position:0 -'.$ratings['roundedrating2'].'px; float:left;">
                <div class="star"></div>
                <div class="star"></div>
                <div class="star"></div>
                <div class="star"></div>
                <div class="star"></div></div>';

 ));  ?>

----- Edit-------------


     return array(
        'article' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'Article', 'article_id'),


    return array(
      'articleRating' => array(self::HAS_MANY, 'ArticleRating', 'article_id'),
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As you really want to sort based on an aggregate value (being the average rating), this solution should help you. – DaSourcerer Dec 3 '13 at 14:30

Assuming that rating is a field in the table, adding the following should do:

    'value'=>function($data) {...},
    'name'=>'rating', //this is the important part!
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thanks for the answer. rating is not field in table but there is another table for article ratings. here I display overall(average) rating. – Learner Dec 3 '13 at 13:57
5 stars with rating are displayed in front of every article – Learner Dec 3 '13 at 13:59
Oh ... Well, you can also sort by related fields. Care to tell me how the relation is called? I'll update my answer then. – DaSourcerer Dec 3 '13 at 13:59
yes I am able to sort by related fields (those are other r filed like author name. but for this filtering is disappeared. I am going to add relations in amoment – Learner Dec 3 '13 at 14:03
Ah. So there's no distinct rating value but a set of ratings? That's making things complicated ... – DaSourcerer Dec 3 '13 at 14:27

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