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I am using mod_pagespeed. When using http, combine js, css and rewrite js and css work fine. However, when I switch to https, none of these four functions work. The apache error log is empty about this.

This is the relevant conf line ModPagespeedEnableFilters rewrite_javascript,rewrite_css,combine_css,combine_javascript,insert_dns_prefetch

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mod_pagespeed cannot rewrite HTTPS resources by default, you have to explicitly enable it by one of these options:

  1. ModPagespeedMapOriginDomain - to tell mod_pagespeed to fetch HTTPS resources using HTTP
  2. ModPagespeedLoadFromFile - to tell mod_pagespeed to load HTTPS resources directly from the filesystem.
  3. ModPagespeedFetchHttps - to tell mod_pagespeed to fetch HTTPS resources directly.
  4. ModPagespeedFetchFromModSpdy - if you have mod_spdy installed, to fetch resources using it.

The documentation has more details:

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