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I'm trying to create some search mechanic on a ObjectListView control. According to the documentation this can be done by adding a TextMatchFilter to the control:

this.olv1.ModelFilter = TextMatchFilter.Contains(this.olv1, "search");

After executing this line, the olv1 will only show rows where the text “search” occurs in at least one cell of that row.

This is what I have done so far:

private void textBoxSearch_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    projectObjectListView.ModelFilter = TextMatchFilter.Contains(projectObjectListView, toolStripTextBox_search.Text);

Whenever I type in my textbox the TextMatchFilter is set to my ObjectListView. I have set all columns to be searchable but when I start typing, nothing happens. The event fires as it should and the Filter get set to the OLV Modelfilter, but no reaction. Anyone have experienced the same problem?

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You have to set the UseFiltering property on the ObjectListView to true, otherwise the OLV will ignore any assigned ModelFilter.

To enable filtering on a list, you must set UseFiltering to true. To ensure backward compatibility, it is false by default.


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