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I have an Apache Apollo server and I'm successfully producing and consuming topic messages through a java client using amqp.

Now I want to connect to these same topics using stomp through a websocket (stomp-websocket library). I set up the example chat page and successfully connect to the same topic using the java client and stomp client (the apollo admin page lists 3 consumers - one java client and two stomp clients in different tabs).

When I send a message in the stomp client the other stomp client receives the message but the java one does not (producers count is increased to 1). When I send a message through a java producer all clients get a message according to the connection display, but the messages are not displayed in the stomp clients.

here is a message from a stomp client:

<<< MESSAGE subscription:sub-0 message-id:bad_santa-82a4 destination: /topic/chat.general


Here is a message from the java client displayed in the debug area of the stomp client:

<<< MESSAGE subscription:sub-0 destination: content-length:174 content-type:protocol/amqp-1.0 message-id:bad_santa-82a5

SpÀBPSrÁ£ x-opt-to-type¡topicSsÀM $bd28666a-d496-4ccb-82a9-bbc3c2782b02@¡topic://chat.general@@@@@@B¸ëìåStÁSw¡postman messageSxÁ£origin¡ bad_santa-82c

What is going on?

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These are the connection specs under the queue in question. The two connections with 5 transfers are the stomp clients. When I send a message using the stomp clients they are both incremented, the java client remains silent connection: / 3 606 bytes msgs/sec /sec connection: / 5 364 bytes msgs/sec /sec connection: / 5 364 bytes msgs/sec /sec –  Bjorn Dec 3 '13 at 14:43

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