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I opened a starter application to see how it works but I only see C++ files, nothing in Python. How can I configure QT to work for Python? :S

Also, where can I find the visual form?

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For python support see PyQt.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "visual form". If you want a GUI editor try qtcreator

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Qt comes with Qt Designer which you can use to create forms visually (like in Visual Studio). Designer creates XML ".ui" files that are then fed into Qt's UIC tool. That tool then generates C++ header files that define a class with the UI components. This page describes how you can use the UI generated code in your application. PyQt also provides ways to generate Python code from the ".ui" files.

Have a look at Designer's online manual, but you should take a look at the examples files too.

Qt Creator has the Designer embedded, but it will be difficult to use that one with PyQt.

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