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I have searched this forum and tried several things that seemed relevant, but with no success. If anyone can spot what I'm missing I would be very grateful.

I am trying to get a bearer token using application only authorization as explained at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/application-only-auth so that I can GET follower s/ids.

I have constructed a request in r using rstudio with my consumer key & secret in Base64 encoded form.

POST(url="https://api.twitter.com/oauth2/token", config=add_headers(
'Authorization="Basic MyKeyandSecretBase64Encoded"',
'Accept-Encoding="gzip"')), body="grant_type=client_credentials")

In response I receive:

Response [https://api.twitter.com/oauth2/token]
Status: 403
Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8
{"errors":[{"label":"authenticity_token_error","code":99,"message":"Unable to verify your credentials"}]}

I tried resetting my credentials but it made no difference.

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Could you please show me where did you have your secret and secret code in your request in order to get the bearer token from the authentication server? Thanks, Mig –  Minh Tran Feb 10 '14 at 21:11

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I'm a few weeks late, but for anyone like me who stumbles across this page, here is some code that works for me, returning a bearer token:

config=add_headers(c("Host: api.twitter.com",
"User-Agent: [app name]",
"Authorization: Basic [base64encoded]",
"Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8",
"Content-Length: 29",
"Accept-Encoding: gzip")),

Once you have a bearer token, you put it in the header of a GET like so:

config=add_headers(c("Host: api.twitter.com",
"User-Agent: [app name]",
"Authorization: Bearer [bearer token]",
"Accept-Encoding: gzip")))
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What was the problem? Both codes (your question and answer) appears to be the same... –  RSC Aug 19 at 20:30

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