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I know that my question will seem somewhat ambiguous after reading the content of this message. First, I must tell you that I cannot share my actual Rewrite/Redirect rules, because of a privacy agreement and non-competition agreement that I've assigned with my company. However, I feel that if I give you enough background information you can help point me in the right direction.

Current web host is running CentOS 4 with PHP 4. We're migrating to an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with PHP 5.3.10. So, we're having to fix deprecated code.

The file structure is as follows: The "/" represents the root of the website (not the root of the Linux filesystem) for the rest of this message.

Hosting images/media on a rackspace cdn.


In the CentOS configuration, our current redirect/rewrite rules work perfectly. When we access the SSL portions of the website, CentOS has no problem resolving the /html/css and /html/js folders for the styling and scriptures that work on the SSL portion of the site. The images/media cdn is actually resolved correctly (subdomain points toward the cdn).

In the Ubuntu 12.04 configuration, the current redirect/rewrite rules seem to be telling Apache to resolve the css, js, images/media in relation to the ssl folder itself instead of pointing to /html/css, /html/js, and the images/media cdn.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think Ubuntu 12.04 LTS uses a newer version of Apache than the CentOS configuration. It's quite possible that the rewrite/redirect rules take on a different meaning in the newer version of Apache. It's also possible that the Ubuntu configuration handles web servers differently than other Linux distros.

I checkout a local copy of the site on my workstation from the new PHP5 svn. I use VMWare Workstation with shared folders enabled. VM OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The folder that's shared in my Ubuntu 12.04 workstation is the SVN check out.

/var/www/(svn folder) is a symbolic link to /mnt/hgfs/(svn folder)
/webshare/var/www/(svn folder) is a symbolic link to /var/www/(svn folder)

The local copy works perfectly. Even the SSL portions.


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