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I'm looking to use VB.NET to open Outlook, using a specific profile and authenticate automatically using vb.

As of now, i know i can modify the target of a shortcut to open a specific Profile and i know how to set this manually. Also, i can open Outlook and a specific profile from vb.

My problem is that id like to authenticate from vb, essentially hiding the password from users but still allowing the account o be configured. To add to this, once its setup were okay leaving it in place (Not having to authenticate each time). Its only for the initial setup.

This is important as the users cannot know the passwords (Have to make this as difficult as possible).

I found an article that allows you to create an Outlook object however it seems to be only object access. So i can do most of the objects (outlooks) functions but it has to be done in code and the System seems to know nothing of the authentication when loading from outlook (I'm thinking its not actually being stored int he credential store?):


Were connecting to an exchange (I know there are multiple Exchange solutions, send-as etc that would get me to the same place however were limited as the exchange administrator themselves... are limited..... :()

Any help or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!!!


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