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I often try to edit a file with Vim that is already open in another Vim instance. In this case, you get the error dialog "Swap file "..." already exists!" with options Open Read-Only, Edit anyway, Recover, Quit, and Abort.

In almost all cases, what I would like to do is simply switch to the Vim instance that is already open, and continue editing it. Instead, I have to close this attempt with Quit or Abort and then hunt for the open window of the other instance (which may be difficult if there are many open windows, some hidden, some on another workspace, etc.)

Is there any way to do this?

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You could work around this by setting up your environment to use Vim's client/server feature.

Aliasing vim to vim --servername VIM --remote may be enough to solve your "problem".

But I think you should probably revise your workflow and open related files from vim itself.

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I would suggest putting the following line in your .bashrc file

alias vim='vim --remote-silent'

That way if the file is already open you won't get the annoying "Swap file..." message and if it is not already open you won't be shown an error.

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