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So recently I moved my php files and database from my laptop where everything worked perfectly to my server (ubuntu 12.04 LTS).

And suddenly all my querry's stopped working. So I started troubleshooting. The needed php packages are all installed (you can check my phpinfo() at sibstechnologies.com/kaas.php). And the database connection works just fine. The result of the code below shows me that the connection worked, but the querry returns null. (see this page here http://sibstechnologies.com/koekoek.php). I'm 100% sure the query works and the database exists, If I test it in mysql command line editor, I get the results I want.

    include "db_connect.php"; 
    if ($mysqli->connect_error) {
       echo "Not connected, error: " . $mysqli_connection->connect_error;
    else {
       echo "Connected.";
    $result = mysqli_query($mysqli, "SHOW TABLES");
            while($showtablerow = mysql_fetch_array($query_result))
            echo $showtablerow[0]." ";

    foreach ($result as $row) {
     echo "nana \n";


Thanks a lot, and if you need extra information let me know

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I don't see $showtablequery defined anywhere in your code. –  Amal Murali Dec 3 '13 at 18:17
mysql_fetch_array and mysql_query are your problem, amigo. Take a closer look –  Leonardo Dec 3 '13 at 18:17

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You're mixing libraries:

$result = mysqli_query($mysqli, "SHOW TABLES");
               ^---note the i
                    ^---note the LACK of an i

This is not "suddenly stopped working". This is NEVER WORKED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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the foreach loop should still work right. This is just a page i threw up to test. The result i got on my offline page with this exact cod is: Connected.nana array(1) { ["Tables_in_SBS"]=> string(8) "acordeon" } nana array(1) { ["Tables_in_SBS"]=> string(5) "redev" } nana array(1) { ["Tables_in_SBS"]=> string(6) "topbar" } nana array(1) { ["Tables_in_SBS"]=> string(7) "webpage" } –  Dries Van Eyck Dec 3 '13 at 18:23
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I have found the anwser. I was using php5-mysqlnd to communicate between php and mysql. But i was using an outdated php version.

If you have a similar problem make sure you are using the latest version of everything.

php --version
mysql --version

Enter those two lines in terminal and check whether or not those are indeed the latest versions.

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