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Question says it all how do you raise and lower [change the positions of ] QTreeWidgetItems in a QtreeWidget ,

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I believe you would need to use model object to be able to manipulate items positions (if this what you want to do). Please check an example below; it moves the first item of the abstract model to the bottom.

QAbstractItemModel* model = your_tree_view->model();

QModelIndex index0 = model->index(0, 0);
QMap<int, QVariant> data = model->itemData(index0);
// check siblings of the item; should be restored later

int rowCount = model->rowCount();
QModelIndex index1 = model->index(rowCount, 0);
model->setItemData(index1, data);

once item moved in the model your treeview widget should update itself accordingly

in case you need to change the size of the item shown by your treeview install an item delegate and override its sizeHint method

hope this helps, regards

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LOL, 1. get the model of the treeview. 2. get the model index of the row / column . 3. use the index to get the data . 4. remove it. 5. insert a blank row . 6. get the index of the blank row. 7. set the data of the blank row using the index. Back on Gtk+ the api on a treestore was like insert(), move_after(),move_before(),swap(), etc. This qt stuff is completley unintuitive, why people say its better than Gtk+ i'll never know. Once again thanks Serge. – spearfire Jan 10 '10 at 9:30
@spearfire: part of this is using the widget variants of the model/view setup in Qt. If you were doing a model yourself, you would just change where the data is in the model (and emit the appropriate signals), and the UI would update itself to match. – Caleb Huitt - cjhuitt Jan 10 '10 at 17:30
Your right, simply swapping data and children is far more effective – spearfire Jan 11 '10 at 19:48

I found serge's solution to be quite complicated as well for a simple move up / move down. There's actually a quite easier solution to this issue since you're using QTreeWidget :

QTreeWidgetItem* item = your_qtreewidget->currentItem();
int              row  = your_qtreewidget->currentIndex().row();

if (item && row > 0)
    your_qtreewidget->insertTopLevelItem(row - 1, item);

Here you have a code to move an item up. From this you should be able to find how to move it down in no time :) !

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