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I've been working around this post, but I can not arrive to a suitable solution for what I have to do, which it is next: I have this equivalences:

subject1 = subjectA
subject2 = subjectB
subject3 = subjectC

then I have a csv file with next data:


then I export this csv to mysql, so what I need to do is

duplicate row where subject like "subject1" and replace "subject1" by "subjectA";

and the same for subject2, subject3, when I say replace, I mean the text string "subject1" by the text string "subjectA".

I hope I could make myself clear, thanks a lot.

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sounds easy, what have YOU tried? –  Dagon Dec 3 '13 at 19:15
"INSERT INTO table 1 ('Activiy Id',Day,Hour,'Students Sets',Subject,Teachers,'Activity Tags',Room,Comments)(SELECT 'Subject' FROM table 1 WHERE 'Subject'='Subject1')" but then I don't know how to follow on... –  Andrés Chandía Dec 3 '13 at 19:21
I've been thinking that I could also work on the csv file before to export it to mysql... –  Andrés Chandía Dec 3 '13 at 19:34

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Simply select the columns where data doesn't change (hour, teacher, etc.) and the string you want to replace where data does change (subjectA). Note that "subjectA" is surrounded by quotes.

    (`hour`, `subject`, `teacher`, `room`) 
            `hour`, 'subjectA', `teacher`, `room` 
            `subject` = 'subject1'
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Sorry, always says "Unknown column", let's say column_name=subject, oldname=sub_old, newname=sub_new, I've tried many combinations, I'm not clear what to put where... –  Andrés Chandía Dec 3 '13 at 20:51
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As I couldn't manage to make it the mysql way I did it the shell-script way, I upload the csv file through a web interface where there is a script behind the scene that send it to the mysql, so I did a preprocess that modify the csv file and then send it to the mysql-server, so this is the line(s) I added at the begining of the file:


system("sed -i -r 's/^(.*)(Original Subject)(.*)$/\\1\\2\\3\\n\\1New Subject\\3/g' $file");


So I substitute the original line by 2 lines, the original one plus the new one...

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