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I am building a simple Border-less WinForms form (essentially setting it to Borderstyle of None), and painting all of the client area and non-client area myself. All works fine, but when i use a derived form (deriving from my custom Border-less form) and open that form in design mode in Visual Studio, and perform any operations such as dragging the corners of the form border to re-size the form, the form does not refresh the painting of the custom borders i draw, until i either switch to another view and come back to the form view or close the form and reopen it.

How do i force or request the VS to force refresh its view so my visual updates are immediately visible rather than closing and re-opening the form design view?

My non-client area and client area drawing works fine at runtime (including when the user re-sizes the form at runtime), but only at design time, i see the problem.

I tried a couple of options:

  • Custom Designer

To write my own designer for the border-less form. But that seems to be a very complex task since i have to rewrite the entire implementation of a designer just like MS's FormDocumentDesigner class (it is internal - so I cannot derive from it) by deriving from DocumentDesigner class.

Since it is so complex to do this option, i have dropped this idea.

  • Override Size property or OnSizeChanged member: Tried to override (new) the Size property of the Form class and force my form to redraw. This did not work.

Any other ideas/options? Please advise.

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Try posting code that reproduces the problem. The designer, in general, does not like dealing with inherited forms. –  LarsTech Dec 3 '13 at 20:15
Probably, all you need to do is to call invalidate on resize –  T.S. Dec 4 '13 at 4:29

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