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I am using Cheezy's page-object gem. It works wonderfully in most cases but I can't seem to utilize it when working with dynamically created elements. I have a method for clicking on a cell by passing the text contents of the cell to the method and identifying the element at the time of action

def select_row (row_contents)
    cell(:row, :text => /#{row_contents}/i)

I'm fairly sure this isn't working because the element is not having methods generated for it at run time. Can someone show me a way to create elements with page-objects dynamically in this manner?

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def select_row (row_contents)
    self.class.cell(:row, :text => /#{row_contents}/i)

The change is, the cell method should be called on the class of the pageobject since it is a class level method

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You should be careful about doing this since all instances of this page object will now have this row element. –  Justin Ko Dec 3 '13 at 20:52

Note that you can locate elements similar to Watir by using the NestedElements. Your method could be simply written as:

def select_row(row_contents)
  cell_element(:text => /#{row_contents}/i).click
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