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I'm trying to do the following a) a user selects a cell in an UltraGrid b)the row/column is stored from the ClickCell event handler c) the grid has its datasource changed d) the saved row/column is used to re-select the same cell, which now has different data under it.

By changing the datasource InitalizeLayout is fired and InitializeRow fired for each row in the grid.

The problem I have is reselecting the row/column on the grid. I've tried various methods using the Activation/Activate methods/properties on the cell, which do not seem to work at all. I've also tried just changing the color of the cell, but then I need to fire an event on a row which no longer has focus.

This seems like it should be straight forward. Any suggestions?


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Solution found see this link at infragistics http://www.infragistics.com/community/forums/p/85559/426956.aspx#426956

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You should reproduce the text of the answer here, so that if something happens to that link (site goes down, thread is removed, etc), the answer can still be found here. –  Eric Finn Dec 4 '13 at 18:24

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