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I'm learning Xcode off a slightly older (10.2) book that deals with Project Builder. I've been using Xcode for ansi C for a while, but I can't find the output window that appears when you Build & Run an app. I am launching my apps from the commandline, but of course that doesn't help me if I want to set breakpoints or something. Where is the program output window that should appear when I build & run. Do I have it hidden or something ? Why can't I find it ?

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Shift-Cmd-R brings up the output window.

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There's also a preference in XCode to bring up the console after each launch - Xcode->Preferences->Debugging->On Start Show Console. –  diciu Jan 10 '10 at 6:30
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There are a few windows that you should know about:

  • Debugger Console (keyboard shortcut = Shift-Cmd-R): This will show you any console output and you can click the breakpoints button to break into the GDB console debugger

  • Debugger (keyboard shortcut = Shift-Cmd-Y): This is the debugger window that shows your breakpoints with the source and includes table views for local variables and the stack

  • Breakpoints window (keyboard shortcut = Option-Cmd-B): This is a nifty window to find and manage breakpoints in a project

This cocoaheads talk has a lot of useful info about debugging with xcode.

Hope this helps.

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