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I've built an Exchange 2013 mail app intended to add a subset of functionality from my outlook addin to OWA. The OWA side works fine, but the app also shows up in Outlook 2013, where it is redundant and non-functional. Is there a way to make mail apps only show up on OWA?

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It looks like Microsoft doesn't want us to do things like this-see here. There isn't any proper, supported way to do this, but I was able to hack around it by taking advantage of a regex incompatibility between OWA and Outlook described here. That documentation looks like it's mistaken-Outlook doesn't support look-ahead regexes, and neither Outlook nor OWA support look-behind. That said, it looks like this rule activates the mail app in OWA but not in Outlook: <Rule xsi:type="ItemHasRegularExpressionMatch" PropertyName="SenderSMTPAddress" RegExName="BlockOutlook" RegExValue="(?=@)." />

It looks like Microsoft has "fixed" this incompatibility and the above method no longer works.

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