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Is there a way to have swift mail place a message in the draft folder rather than just send. Trouble seems to be using the smtp instance with gmail. I've tried the imap_append like so:



$mbox=imap_open( $authhost, $user, $pass);

//after creating the message $msg then using imap_append

imap_append($mbox,$authhost,$msg, "\\Draft");

the problem though is no matter how I modify $authhost I get a couldn't open stream. Am I missing something or is there perhaps a better alternative? Thanks

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You also need to use SMTP is for sending email, imap is for accessing the mailbox. – Max Dec 4 '13 at 14:19

You're using the wrong folder name. The name isn't INBOX.Drafts in Gmail, it's [Gmail]/Drafts. INBOX.Drafts is what e.g. Fastmail calls the mailbox.

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