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This should be easy, but I've been struggling with it.

<progress-bar complete="5%" steps="$root.organizationSteps" current='1'></progress-bar>

I need to add a class to ul.steps that's like steps-4 if there are 4 steps, or steps-3 if there are 3. I can't figure out how to determine how many steps there are. I've tried using scope: {steps: '&'} with no luck.

directive('progressBar', function () {
    return {
        scope: false,
        replace: true,
        restrict: 'E',
        template: function(el, attrs) {
            var html = '<div class="progressBar"><div class="contentProgress"><div></div></div>';
            if (angular.isDefined(attrs.steps)) {
                html += '<ul class="steps">';
                    html += '<li ng-repeat="step in '+attrs.steps+'" ng-class="{current: $index == '+(attrs.current-1)+'}">{{ step }}</li>';
                html += '</ul>';
            return html+'</div>';
        link: function (scope, element, attrs) {
            var config = {
                    tooltip: "N",
                    color: "G"
                bar = element.find('div'),
                stepEl = element.find('.steps');

            if (angular.isDefined(stepEl)) {

            if (typeof attrs.color != 'undefined')
                config.color = attrs.color[0];

            if (typeof attrs.complete != 'undefined')
                bar.css('width', attrs.complete);

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You do not use the $root reference if the element is defined on rootscope or infact on any scope. If organizationSteps is defined over the rootScope you can reference it anywhere by binding to variable organizationSteps. This

 if (angular.isDefined(attrs.steps)) {
                html += '<ul class="steps">';
                    html += '<li ng-repeat="step in '+attrs.steps+'" ng-class="{current: $index == '+(attrs.current-1)+'}">{{ step }}</li>';
                html += '</ul>';

should be

            html += '<ul class="steps">';
                html += '<li ng-repeat="step in organizationSteps" ng-class="{current: $index == '+(attrs.current-1)+'}">{{ step }}</li>';
            html += '</ul>';

If you want to use isolated scope using scope property then html should be

<progress-bar complete="5%" steps="organizationSteps" current='1'></progress-bar>

Your directive definition would have

scope: {steps:'='}

You can refer to this steps variable in the repeat.

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