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I downloaded the API from Facebook and tried to login with it. I get an loop which try to authentificate me all the time ( link text )

How can I login with facebook without getting this loop? ( I finally want to get my notifications and messages an i want to post something. )

Greets Dom

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Hi Dominik. Can you post some code? – Henrik P. Hessel Jan 10 '10 at 10:20

you need request for api key and secret code from facebook developer site/app ( in the code you mentioned, $api_key and $secret should be initialized with your api and secret code. Cheers!

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    $facebook = new Facebook($api_key,$secret);

    $fb_user = $facebook->require_login();


    Hello <fb:name uid='<?php echo $fb_user; ?>' useyou='false' possessive='true' />! Welcome to my first application!


        echo "<pre>Debug:" . print_r($facebook,true) . "</pre>";

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