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I've got a Venue structure to create where you are able to place different types of components under different locations in the same Venue so the structures are like this:

Main Hall -> Conference Hall -> Webcast 1, Webcast 2
Main Hall -> Exhibition Hall -> Booth 1, Booth 2
Main Hall -> Booth3, Webcast3

Main hall is the parent category with Conference Hall and Exhibition Hall underneath then Webcasts and Booth can be placed under respectively.

I can actually create different tables for Main Hall, Conference Hall and Exhibition Hall (I already have resources set up for Booths and Webcasts)

But since a lot of the columns remain the same with only minor differences, I think it's best to have halls table with Hall model and use something like polymorphic association, self join or ancestry gem for parent child relationship.

I think Polymorphic is good but not sure whether I can do something like

has_many :component, polymorphic: true

Then in booth and webcast model do:

belongs_to :hall, as: :component

Then migrate component_type and component_id to the halls table

Is this something that could work or would I be better off using self join and/or ancestry gem?

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