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I have a range slider, textbox and a checkbox and the textbox display will toggle on checkbox change.

Here i want the slider to get disabled when it reaches a specific value. For that i have used .change(), But when it reaches the value the slider gets disabled, But after that i cant able to make the checkbox enabled so as to make the text area display.

My code working perfectly in firefox, Issue is in chrome.


<input type="range" min="0" max="5" id="mySlider" name="DROne" value="0" />

 <input type="checkbox" value="one" id="chkBox" ><br/>
 <input type="text" value="test" id="txtBox" style="display:none" >


    var minVal = $('#mySlider').val();
 $('#mySlider').attr("disabled", "disabled"); 


$('#chkBox').click(function() {


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