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I am developing an application using Jquery's Fabric.js and HTML5 (Canvas) and having 2 canvas. Using "Display" property (CSS) I am displaying only one canvas at a time. The First canvas is working fine. But when I display 2nd canvas, the selection (dragging mouse on canvas) is disabled. I am not able to select any object on the canvas and also the selection area (which comes by dragging mouse) is not drawing.

Below is my code snippet:

HTML: <div id="divCanvas" style="overflow:scroll;width:665px; height:570px"> <canvas id="FrontCanvas"></canvas> <canvas id="BackCanvas"></canvas> </div>

Javascript: $("#btnRotate").click(function () { if ($("#c").parent().hasClass("visible")) { $("#c").parent().addClass("invisible").removeClass("visible"); $("#cb").parent().addClass("visible").removeClass("invisible"); } else { $("#c").parent().addClass("visible").removeClass("invisible"); $("#cb").parent().addClass("invisible").removeClass("visible"); } });


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can anyone help me in solving this issue????? –  ijs Dec 5 '13 at 14:01
Got the answer!!!!!! –  ijs Dec 9 '13 at 10:26

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Got the Answer........Used calcOffset()

$("#btnRotate").click(function () { if ($("#c").parent().hasClass("visible")) { $("#c").parent().addClass("invisible").removeClass("visible"); $("#cb").parent().addClass("visible").removeClass("invisible"); } else { $("#c").parent().addClass("visible").removeClass("invisible"); $("#cb").parent().addClass("invisible").removeClass("visible"); } canvas.calcOffset(); canvasBack.calcOffset(); });

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