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Manually I can create a std::vector<int>::iterator object like:

std::vector<int>::iterator i;

So here std::vector<int>::iterator is a type. But when I write a function :

template <class T>
std::vector<T>::iterator foo(std::vector<int>::iterator i)
    return i;

The compiler shows a warning :

std::vector<T>::iterator' : is a dependent name  not a type

and the code does not compiles. But if in main I call the function like this:

int main()
    vector<int> v;

The parameter T should be resolved. Then why compiler is showing error?

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You have to prefix it with Typename std::vector<T>::iterator is dependent on a template parameter, namely T.Therefore,you should prefix with it typename: Try using:

typename std::vector<T>::iterator

You can refer This :http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~driscoll/typename.html

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Following link has a solution and answer,

"Dependent Name is not a Type", but prefixing with "typename" causes compiler crash

In short, "std::vector::iterator" is a dependent name not a typename. So you can not use directly as a typename. You have to specify "typename std::vector::iterator".

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None of the answers provided really explains why typename is necessary in this context. I've faced the same problem when working on the following code:

template<typename C>
vector<typename C::iterator> find_all(C& c, C::value_type v) {

    vector<typename C::iterator> res;

    for (auto p = c.begin(); p != c.end(); ++p) {
        if (*p == v)

    return res;

When I try to compile this, I get the message "missing 'typename' prior to dependent type name 'C::value_type'". Of source if I change the signature to this:

vector<typename C::iterator> find_all(C& c, typename C::value_type v) {

it compiles without a problem. If the compiler can figure out C& c, why can't it figure out C::value_type?

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