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<li ng-repeat="Item in Items">
        <div ng-switch="($index)==0">
            <div ng-switch-when="true">
                <a href="#"><   Previous</a>
            <div ng-switch-when="false">
                <a href="#">{{$index}}</a>

I want to get element count of the Items and want to show "Next >" for last item

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Something like this

<li ng-repeat="Item in Items">
                <a ng-if="$first" href="#"><   Previous</a>
                <a ng-if="!$first && !$last" href="#">{{$index}}</a>
                <a ng-if="$last" href="#">Next ></a>

To get the length use Items.length. It becomes more complex if there is a filter. See this SO post

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Thanks Chandermani. Problem solved. I used $first and $last in ng-switch because i cant use ng-if in my version. Thanks a lot –  Isuru Dec 4 '13 at 7:36
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