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Recently I got a comment to this answer that I should stay away from java.io if I want to use "pure NIO".
This is the simplified code (copy a file):

private static void copy(File source, File destination) throws IOException {
    long length = source.length();
    FileChannel input = new FileInputStream(source).getChannel();
    FileChannel output = new FileOutputStream(destination).getChannel();

    input.transferTo(0, length, output);


(code extremely simplified: removed try-finally and loop)

My question is how to get a FileChannel or other NIO class for reading a file without using java.io (FileInputStream)?

Java 6 (or before only)

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The javadoc of FileChannel says:

This class does not define methods for opening existing files or for creating new ones; such methods may be added in a future release. In this release a file channel can be obtained from an existing FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, or RandomAccessFile object by invoking that object's getChannel method, which returns a file channel that is connected to the same underlying file.

That is, with java 1.6 you can't get a FileChannel without using old java.io.

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Java 6 only has FileInputStream.getChannel(), FileOutputStream.getChannel(), and RandomAccessFile.getChannel()

Java 7 has java.nio.channels.FileChannel.open(...) and java.nio.Files.newByteChannel(...)

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