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Is it really possible to create your own hot keys in Eclipse?

For example, I want to create a hot key for creating folder.

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using eclipse hot key,you want to create a folder in a project? –  Mdhar9e Dec 4 '13 at 7:18
yes, I want to create directory in resource folder –  gstackoverflow Dec 4 '13 at 7:18
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i think this may help you little bit. go to Windows>Preferences>Select General>Editor>Keys page. Here the settings will be to configure your own hot key using plug-in org.eclipse.ui.commands.First, you need to define your new configuration

          name="My Configuration"
          description="This is a simple configuration"

the below tutorial may help you clearly.. http://www.vogella.com/articles/EclipseCommandsKeybindings/article.html

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Why you didn't google it?

Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Keys.

In here, there is an option to set hot key to create folder. Just go there and set the keys that you want to use.

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I know it. there are I can see hot keys but I cannot understand hoe can I modify –  gstackoverflow Dec 4 '13 at 7:19
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