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This is a trivial question regarding Visual Studio 2012. I have looked on the web and specifically on Stackoverflow but have not found what I need.

When I open solutions in VS2012 they do not appear on the Start Page under the Recent Projects section of the Start Page. Also they do not appear under the File->Recent Projects List menu option.

I know it's no biggie but it would save me time instead of having to browse to the solution file each time I open a project/solution.

I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Boxed in Red where the recent projects would normally appear

Thanks for any reply. :)


I tried reseting the Tools-> Import And Export settings. It says the settings were saved but with errors. Specifically the error message being:

Your settings were reset, but there were some errors.

Error 1: Projects and Solutions: Unable to import property 'ProjectItemTemplatesLocation' because it contains invalid data '%vsspv_visualstudio_dir%\Templates\ItemTemplates'. Error 2: Projects and Solutions: Unable to import property 'ProjectTemplatesLocation' because it contains invalid data '%vsspv_visualstudio_dir%\Templates\ProjectTemplates'. Error 3: Projects and Solutions: Unable to import property 'ProjectsLocation' because it contains invalid data '%vsspv_visualstudio_dir%\Projects'.

The current settings that I have for the Projects and Solutions options are as shown in the image attached below. I am certain this can't be right but I am not sure what it is that I have to be pointing to: Tools->Options->Project and Solutions-.General

One think of is the

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this might solve your problem… – Sentinel Dec 4 '13 at 7:59
@Sentinel Hi Sentinel, I think you are deffinitely on the right track. When I tried this I recieved an error message. I have added the error message to the question under "Update" I am not sure what the correct paths should be for the Projects And Solutions from the Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->General. I do think it is something to do with this though. – Jetnor Dec 4 '13 at 8:49
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This could be my wrong interpretation but the error refers to %vsspv_visualstudio_dir%\Templates\ItemTemplates ,in your settings (screenshot) there's no Templates parent folder for ItemTemplates. However I cannot check if this is a wrong location since I'm currently working on a device which only has vs2010, but just for reference these are my (default) settings

vs2010 project settings

hope this helps.

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Hi Sentinel, Yes I agree. I have Visual Studio 2010 installed and it has the same settings as you have shown. The thing is Visual Studio 2012 does not have these folders in the Documents folder. I think I may need to get it reinstalled. Thanks for your advice. – Jetnor Dec 4 '13 at 9:37
@Jetnor you are welcome. – Sentinel Dec 4 '13 at 9:56

try to change the values in Tools->Options->Enviroment->General

enter image description here

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