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I have a rule which looks like this:

Router::connect('/Hotels', array('controller' => 'gesamtobjekt', 'action' => 'search', 'cat' => 8)); 

The url looks like this:

My paginations urls like this:

For language based urls I have a rule like:

Router::connect('/:language/:catname/*', array('controller' => 'gesamtobjekt', 'action' => 'search', 'cat' => 8), array(
'catname' => 'Hotels|Hoteles',
'language' => 'eng|spa|fre|rus'

The url looks like this:

In that case I these params available, so I can be sure, that I am in the right rule.

'language' => 'eng',
'catname' => 'Hotels',
'cat' => (int) 8

I wonder why my pagination links look like this:

What can I do to get a pagination url like What is missing in my rule?

Please advise, thank you so much in advance!

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funny enough, this works for me:

if($this->Session->read('Config.language') != DEFAULT_LANGUAGE){
    'url' => array(
        'controller' => $this->Session->read('Config.language'),
        'action' => $this->params['catname'],
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Try like this, May be it will help you.

Router::connect('/:language/:catname', array('controller' => 'gesamtobjekt', 'action' => 'search', 'cat' => 8), array(
    'pass' => array('language', 'catname'),
    'catname' => 'Hotels|Hoteles',
    'language' => 'eng|spa|fre|rus'
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When I try this, I can see in my params: 'pass' => array( (int) 0 => 'eng', (int) 1 => 'Apartments_Penthouses' ), But there are no changes at the url, it's still – user1555112 Dec 4 '13 at 8:28
why don't you try query string parameters for pagination ? $this->paginate = array('paramType' => 'querystring') – Anil kumar Dec 4 '13 at 9:20
It should be like this Router::connect('/:language/:catname', array('controller' => 'gesamtobjekt', 'action' => 'search', 'cat' => 8), array( 'pass' => array('language', 'catname'), 'catname' => 'Hotels|Hoteles', 'language' => 'eng|spa|fre|rus' )); I've edited my answer pls check it – Anil kumar Dec 4 '13 at 10:41

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