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I'm using php and downloaded the yahoo library to import yahoo user info.

I've already finish it before and its working flawlessly, but now suddenly it returning a notice:

Notice (8): Trying to get property of non-object [APP/Vendor/Yahoo/Yahoo.inc, line 1036]

This notice appear after logging in through yahoo. When I debug $user->getProfile() it returns null.

I didn't change anything in my code that's why i don't have any idea what causing it.

Please help!

This is some part of my code:

App::import('Vendor', 'YahooInc', array('file' => 'Yahoo/Yahoo.inc'));
$session = YahooSession::requireSession($consumer_key,$consumer_secret,$app_id);
if (is_object($session))
  $yahooUser = $session->getSessionedUser();
  $yahooProfile = $yahooUser->getProfile();
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show some of your code, that would help –  DevZer0 Dec 4 '13 at 9:23
Have you got a solution to this? I'm having the same issue, it returns null, if you've got it, do you mind sharing it? –  Shanil Soni Jul 1 at 4:46
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