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I have a working code - when it comes to uploading the file ::

var express=require('express');
var mysql=require('mysql');
var fs=require('fs');
var http=require('http');
var crypto=require('crypto');

var app=express();

var connection=mysql.createConnection({





    var file_name=req.files.key.originalFilename;

    crypto.randomBytes(8, function(ex, buf) {

        var array     = req.files.key.originalFilename.split('.');
        var type      = array[array.length - 1];
        var name      = buf.toString('hex') + '.' + type;

        fs.rename(req.files.key.path, './public/images/' + name, function(e) {
            next(e, name);

    console.log('Express server listening on port'+app.get('port'));

I make a request as below while uploading the file::

however my query works and i can see the file with unique id in server disk in location /public/images .... with the file name:: 8ce456dc55575888.jpg

Now say if i want to test it and i want to view the uploaded file :: I five a Url request to below for the browser


I get the error on browser as ::

Cannot GET /Details/8ce456dc55575888.jpg

How to resolve this ?

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You don't have a GET route for /Details/8ce456dc55575888.jpg.

If you want the static middleware to handle those requests, you need to configure it properly:

app.use('/Details', express.static(__dirname+'/public/images'));

This means that requests for:


Will be mapped to:


You can use that in addition to the other express.static that you're using.

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Perfect ! .... Also thanks for such a good and detailed information ..... this helps for newbies for ExpressJS – Devrath Dec 4 '13 at 9:44

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